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Daniel Wilson:
'A very good website. Nice to see NI mentioned for its efforts, which I think have been forgotten'.

Tom Hewitt:
'A great bit of information for a Belfast boy born in 1940. Many thanks'.

Florence Elizabeth Walker:
'Thank you for the information on Glenravel Steet Police Station, which received a direct hit on 5th May 1941 - killing 4 officers. My father, then Constable Robert Hyndman, had been sheltering with these men but went outside for a smoke. He always said that a cigarette saved his life and subsequently refused all pleas to give up in later life. He lived until the age of 86'.

Mrs C Blair:
'What an enjoyable and interesting site this is,addressing all the different aspects of the Second World War'.

Jacqui Roberts:
'This is an excellent site and I look forward to it growing in the future. A forum would be good for people to search for friends, graves, or ancestors. This is a valuable tool as the war must seem a million miles away for most teenagers now, and they don't realise why they should be grateful'.