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Investigation 1
Northern Ireland in the Blitz

Investigation 2
Derry's role in the battle of the Atlantic

Investigation 3
What impact did the war have on women in Northern Ireland?

Investigation 4
Irish neutrality in WW2

Investigation 5
The Holocaust and Northern Ireland

Investigation 6
American forces in Northern Ireland

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Assignment1 Northern Ireland and the Holocaust
In the period leading up to the Second World War Jews in Nazi Germany suffered increasing levels of persecution and brutality. Some lucky families and individuals were able to escape, and some ended up in Ireland.

In this investigation your task is to use a range of sources to piece together what happened to them, using the Powerpoint Presentation below.
Here are some resources you will need:

• PowerPoint format
• Notebook (SMART) format
• Activstudio (Promethean) format


Holocaust Powerpoint Presentation