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Investigation 1
Northern Ireland in the Blitz

Investigation 2
Derry's role in the battle of the Atlantic

Investigation 3
What impact did the war have on women in Northern Ireland?

Investigation 4
Irish neutrality in WW2

Investigation 5
The Holocaust and Northern Ireland

Investigation 6
American forces in Northern Ireland

Eamon de ValeraDuring the Second World War Northern Ireland, as part of the United Kingdom, played an important role in the British war effort. By contrast Eire remained neutral during the war. How did this situation affect the island of Ireland and its people? You are going to look at this issue in three assignments.

Assignment 1 Seeing is Believing? The Views of a Film Historian
In this assignment you will look at some newsreels from the 1940s. You will examine:
What the newsreels tell us about how Eire’s policy of neutrality in WW2
Whether the newsreels told the full story about Eire’s neutrality. 


 Newsreels 1     

 The Irish Government Explains
In this assignment you will examine films from the 1940s and then create your
own film from the perspective of the Irish government during WW2.


 Northern Responses to War and Neutrality
In this assignment you will be challenged to produce a film from the perspective
of the British government which covers both Irish neutrality and also the
contribution of Northern Ireland factory workers to the war effort.