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Investigation 1
Northern Ireland in the Blitz

Investigation 2
Derry's role in the battle of the Atlantic

Investigation 3
What impact did the war have on women in Northern Ireland?

Investigation 4
Irish neutrality in WW2

Investigation 5
The Holocaust and Northern Ireland

Investigation 6
American forces in Northern Ireland

Women Officers at workThe Second World War had a huge impact on the people of Britain and Northern Ireland, even those who were not actually in the armed forces. Women, especially young women, found that the war brought dramatic changes to their lives. Many worked in jobs which were traditionally men’s jobs before the war. Many women served in the armed forces and other services. Fashion, music and social life were all affected by the war as well.

Assignment1 What impact did WW2 have on the lives of women in Northern Ireland?
In this investigation you are going to examine how the war affected women by looking at a range of sources from the time.

SCENARIO: The Northern Ireland Museum’s Council are planning a touring exhibition about life in Northern Ireland in WW2. Your assignment is to to plan a multimedia display on women in WW2. As visitors walk through your display they will see various scenes. You have two main tasks: 

  • Suggest 4 scenes which will help visitors to understand how the war affected women.
  • Write the commentary and other sound effects which the visitors will hear when they study the scene (the commentary will be triggered by hidden sensors which will know when visitors are approaching).


What you have to do:

Start by reading the historical facts about the impact of war on women. 

Now study the sources. For each source, decide whether it is useful in terms of informing the public about areas such as:

  • The war work women did
  • Women in the armed forces and other services
  • The impact of war on everyday aspects of life eg social life, fashion, families
  • Other areas you can think of (eg whether attitudes towards women changed).


The record sheet will help you to organise what you find out. Once you have studied the sources in this investigation, you may want to widen your research. Your teacher can suggest other resources you can use.


Now suggest the 4 scenes shown in the exhibition sheet and write your commentaries. This framework will help you. You may be able to use presentation or authoring software to select images, record your commentaries and create a multimedia presentation.